Brisbane Orthokeratology for Sport and Recreation 

Don't let wearing glasses or contact lenses prevent, interfere or reduce your enjoyment when participating in your favourite sports or recreational activities?   Let Brisbane Othokeratology Specialists and their leading Brisbane ortho K sports vision optometrists show you how ortho K treatment can lead to "sport without glasses" and "sport without contact lenses". 

Brisbane Orthokeratology Treatment: Sports, Recreation, Athletes and Performers

Orthokeratology sports vision Brisbane 

When it comes to vision correction Brisbane Orthokeratology Specialists and its sports vision ortho K optometrists consider orthokeratology treatment to be among the best kept secrets for sports and recreational activities.  It isn't just active sports but recreational activities like reading (presbyopia) and other close vision activities can all benefit from ortho K treatment.  In fact, with ortho K you can be reading without glasses or reading without contact lenses.  

For many sports and recreational activities wearing glasses and daytime contact lenses can be inconvenient, restrictive and dangerous.  Particularly for contact sports, water sports or where mud and dirt are involved.

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To get the most out of your sport or recreational activity often needs you to have the best vision possible.  Stable vision with crystal-clear central vision and unrestricted peripheral vision.   This can be for safety, optimal performance or both.  Good vision is important but many people don’t realise that how you use your eyes can be very important for these activities as well.

Sports vision orthokeratology Brisbane 

For professional athletes and performers stable vision with crystal-clear central vision and unrestricted peripheral vision is of the utmost importance.

 Brisbane Orthokeratology artistic performance

Orthokeratology to the rescue

Once ortho K lenses are fitted by our leading Brisbane orthokeratology optometrists you will have "sport without glasses" or "sport without contact lenses" when participating in sports, artistic or recreational activities.  

Orthokeratology treatment is an effective treatment for:

  • myopia (near-sightedness) prescriptions ranging from -1.00 to -6.00 dioptres
  • hyperopia (far-sightedness) prescriptions ranging from +1.00 to +4.00 dioptres
  • presbyopia (the need for reading glasses)
  • astigmatism - currently correction is only for low to moderate levels of astigmatism.
  • Post-LASIK (refractive surgery) patients who still have some residual myopia or irregular treatment areas.


Compared with Lasik eye surgery ortho K is safe and entirely reversible and many eye care practitioners are comfortable performing the procedure for children as young as 7 or 8 years old. 

Best of all ortho K lens costs are extremely affordable at about 30% of that of LASIK eye surgery and much cheaper than a lifetime of glasses or contact lenses.

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With orthokeratology treatment you can participate “glasses and contact lens free” in activities such as: 

AFL, archery, ballet, baseball, basketball, boxing, climbing, cycling, dancing, diving, extreme sports, fishing, football, golf, gymnastics, hockey, hunting, netball, martial arts, motorcycle racing, polo, rugby league, rugby union, racket ball, scuba diving, shooting sports, soccer, softball, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, swimming, tennis, waterskiing, wrestling and yachting.

Orthokeratology alternative to lasik eyey surgery brisbane 

The other common choices for vision correction are below along with some of their pitfalls:


  • physical limitations
  • not good for contact sports
  • breakage can cause structural damage to eye,
  • they fog up, get splattered with rain, mud and perspiration
  • can restrict peripheral vision

affordable brisbane orthokeratology

Can get lost or broken before or during sports or recreation activities          


Contact Lenses –  

  • can dry out leading to vision fluctuation if they become too dry
  • can move off center or become dislodged from the eye, (contact sports, if they become dry)
  • can be irritating and uncomfortable, inconvenient with daily lens care
  • can increase eye allergies

Can get lost before or during sports or recreation activities


LASIK eye surgery – 

  • there is no guarantee of a perfect outcome with LASIK or other surgical vision correction procedures.
  • risks of complications from LASIK and other surgical vision correction procedures e.g.
    • glare and halos around lights
    • persistent dry eyes
    • reduced visual acuity
    • contrast sensitivity.
  • You must be over 18 for most surgical vision correction procedures, eliminating LASIK and related surgeries as options for younger athletes.

Complications with LASIK eye surgery can have serious complications which could adversely affect athletic performance for a lifetime.

Ortho K water sports recreation Brisbane

Sport Without Glasses Brisbane

Sport Without Contact Lenses Brisbane

Orthokeratology for Brisbane Athletes

Othokeratology is one of Optometry's best kept secrets particularly when it comes to sports participation.   If you want "sport without glasses" or "sport without contact lenses" so you no longer have to deal deal with cumbersome glasses or contact lenses to enjoy your sport or recreation.  You could even start playing sports that you couldn't before.

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