Brisbane Orthokeratology Treatment Costs

The cost for customised orthokeratology lenses is typically about 30% the cost of LASIK eye surgery.  Looking for a personalised specific quote for the cost of orthokeratology treatment in Brisbane? 

Brisbane Orthokeratology Specialists: Treatment Costs and Fitting Process

Ortho K Treatment Costs

Want to know more about the cost of orthokeratology lenses in Brisbane?  An important thing to consider for the cost of orthokeratology or orth k treatment is that it eliminates the ongoing replacement costs associated with disposable contact lenses (approximately $600 per year).

With Brisbane Orthokeratology Specialists ortho k treatment and lens costs will vary depending on the degree of correction required and the amount of associated astigmatism.

Myopia (near-sighted):                  $1,200 - $1,700

Hyperopia (far-sighted):               $1,200 - $1,700

Presbyopia (reading glasses):    $1,200 - $1,700

 The above costs include the orthokeratology lenses and the full fitting process outlined below.


Othokeratology Fitting Procedure

Identifying potential orthokeratology candidates is a simple but important step to ensure success and patient compliance.

1   Patient Consultation - involves a discussion with the patient about:

  • occupation
  • hobbies
  • visual demands
  • day-to-day activities

A full eye examination is undertaken including non-standard tests such as:

  • baseline topography
  • tear film
  • anterior segment evaluation
  • pupil size measurement.

Brisbane Orthokeratology costs and fitting

In ortho k treatment a topographer is necessary for observing corneal curvature characteristics.  It enables designing the initial lens and monitoring the effectiveness of treatment.

On subsequent visits, the use of topography enables the monitoring of corneal curvature changes to ensure proper centration of the lens, and observe the treatment zone.


2   Initial Fitting Assessment

After selecting the orthokeratology lens parameters the patient "trials" the lens whilst in the practice.  

This involves a one hour trial to determine whether the fit is going to give the best correction and allows YOU to see for yourself the improvement in vision these orthokeratology contact lenses can give you.


3   How to Care For Your Orthokeratology Lenses

After verifying a good fit, the leading orthokeratology optometrists at Brisbane Orthokeratology Specialists will teach you proper contact lens insertion and removal, along with proper hygiene, handling, treatment expectations, and care of lenses before dispensing your orthokeratology lenses.

Be sure to review signs of problems, such as prolonged redness, pain, tearing or decrease in vision, and what to do if such an event occurs.


4   Your First Follow-up Visit occurs the NEXT MORNING after the first night of wear.

This is an important visit to verify successful centration of the orthokeratology lenses and if the patient can continue with the dispensed lenses.  It may be necessary to alter the design.

An early appointment time, with your leading Brisbane ortho k specialist, is imperative to get the most accurate measurement on topography and refraction.  In the initial stages of wearing orthokeartology lenses the vision correction decreases throughout the day.

Brisbane orthokeartology fitting consultation 

5   The remaining follow-up schedule with Brisbane Orthokeratology Specialists should include visits at:

  • two weeks
  • one month
  • three months.

At each follow-up visit, a further assessment of your vision occurs including topography maps and the health of your eyes.

Future visits will occur at six monthly intervals, with your leading Brisbane ortho k optometrist, when an assessment of your ortho k lenses and treatment plan occurs looking for defects and deposits to avoid complications.

Restore Normal Daytime Vision

Without Glasses

Without Daytime Contact Lenses

Without Surgery

Ortho K Costs Brisbane

Want to know just how affordable orthokeratology treatment is when compared to other vision treatment?  Let Brisbane Orthokeratology Specialists show you.

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