Ortho K: Frequently Asked Questions

Brisbane Orthokeratology Specialists have created a guide to the frequently asked questions.  Let our leading Brisbane orthokeratology optometrists show you how affordable orthokeratology treatment is and how you can restore your normal daytime vision "glasses and contact lens free".

Leading Brisbane Orthokeratology Specialists: Guide and Tips

Question: Am I a candidate for Orthokeratology lenses?


Orthokeratology could be your ideal treatment if you:

  • have mild to moderate myopia (short-sightedness). 
  • need vision correction, but don’t like wearing contact lenses all day
  • have issues with dry eyes
  • play any sport, especially contact or water sports, or
  • work in dusty/dirty environments where glasses or contact lenses aren't suitable.

Question: Is Orthokeratology treatment suitable for children?


Myopia in children can progress quite fast.   Left untreated this can lead to serious complications later in life.  

Clinical studies have shown that orthokeratology treatment is the leading method of slowing myopic progression.  After othokeratology treatment up to 90% of patients will avoid the complications associated with high myopia.

It is the ideal alternative to Lasik eye surgery which isn't an option for young children.

The earlier that treatment is commenced the greater the benefits will be.


Question: Can orthokeratology treatment be used to control Myopia?


Orthokeratology treament prevents the complications associated with high myopia in up to 90% of patients.

This results from the fact that orthokeratology treatment slows myopia progression by 50% per year.  Slowing myopic progression by this amount, according to specialists, is myopic control. 

The earlier you start the better.

Question: Is orthokeratology treatment only for people needing myopia correction?


 Absolutely not.   Orthokeratology treatment is ideal for:

  • recreational and sports activities where periods without wearing visual correction are beneficial – such as contact sports or water sports. 
  • for those whose vocation requires unaided visual acuity for certain periods, such as police, firemen, military, or occupations where refractive surgery may be a cause for exclusion (deep-sea divers, high altitude pilots, etc.
  •  for people who spend a large amount of time using computers or in air conditioned environments such as aircraft.

Question: How quickly does orthokeratology correction work?


Usually patients experience major changes the first night, but some people need 1-2 weeks to achieve the clearest vision.


Question: How long do the benefits of  orthokeratology treatment last?


The daily vision correction from orthokeratology treatment will last as long as you wear your lenses during sleep.  Some people only need to wear their lenses every second night.  

Question: How safe is orthokeratology treatment?


The safety and effectiveness of orthokertology treatmenthas been demonstrated in independent studies at universities in Australia, New Zealand and the United States and has been approved by the FDA.


Question: Is orthokeratology treatment an alternative to LASIK eye surgery?


Orthokeratology is the perfect alternative to LASIK eye surgery.  It is a non-surgical, non-invasive completely reversible process making it ideal for children. Orthokeratology costs are approximately 30% of LASIK eye surgery.

Restore Normal Daytime Vision

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