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Sick of reading glasses Brisbane or sick of contact lenses Brisbane?  Brisbane Orthokeratology Specialists provide expert presbyopia ortho K treatment in Brisbane.  Use this guide compiled by our specialist Brisbane ortho K optometrists to understand how orthokeratology can be used for your Brisbane presbyopia treatment.  

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Presbyopia (need for reading glasses)

Presbyopia refers to the condition where your close vision deteriorates with age.  The onset of this usually starts at about the age of forty and is a natural part of the aging process.  Presbyopia makes vision difficult at a normal reading distance particularly in poor light and effects all sorts of close tasks such as reading, knitting, sewing and removing splinters. 

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Presbyopia may also mean you have difficulty concentrating when reading or you may find periods of close work result in sore eyes, headaches or tiredness.



To understand why presbyopia occurs it is important to know about the process of accommodation. 

Normally our eyes focus in the distance. 

When we need to focus on distant objects a special muscle in the eye - the ciliary muscle  relaxes causing the zonular fibres to tighten and the lens becomes flatter.   

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When we need to focus on close objects the ciliary muscle contracts relaxing the zonular fibres attached to the lens and the lens becomes more spherical in shape.

It is this ability of your lens to change shape that enables sharp focus for distant and close objects.

As we age there is a gradual thickening and loss of flexibility and elasticity in the lens in our eye.  Resulting in a lens that is less able to change its shape.  This is a completely normal ageing change.

So when presbyopia starts to develop sometime around age 40, you'll find that the natural lenses and surrounding parts of your eyes have grown too rigid to accommodate focus from far to near — and back again.


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With presbyopia the focal point of close objects falls behind the retina resulting in blurry vision. 

Presbyopia, unlike the other common vision problems,only results from the a lack of lens flexibility.  It is not related to the shape of the eyeball. 

Presbyopia (lens flexibility) and hyperopia (short axial length of eyeball) both result poor close vision but the mechanism is very different.

Brisbane Orthokeratology Specialists would love to help you discover how to their leading Brisbane orthokeratology optometrists implement ortho k presbyopia treatment for you - the perfect alternative to reading glasses Brisbane.   If you want to know more or are looking to buy ortho K lenses in Brisbane just contact Brisbane Orthokeratology Specialists we will be happy to help.

Brisbane Ortho K Presbyopia Treatment: Perfect Alternative to  Reading Glasses Brisbane


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 Ortho k treatment is the perfect alternative to reading glasses Brisbane.

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