Brisbane Myopia Vision Control: Treatment To Slow Myopia Progression

Brisbane Orthokeratology Specialists use ortho K for myopia control treatment in Brisbane.  Use this guide compiled by our Brisbane specialist ortho K optometrists to understand how orthokeratology can be used for your myopia treatment Brisbane...or contact us and we will help you along.

Brisbane Ortho K Specialists: Myopia Treatment and Children

Myopia results from the elongation of the eyeball.  If left untreated it can have serious consequences.

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Once a child becomes myopic (short-sighted), their vision often deteriorates at a fast rate.  The average progression is -0.5 dioptres per year.  An 8-year-old diagnosed at a level of -1.0 dioptres would progress to -5.0 dioptres by the age of 16. 

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Parents can feel helpless to do anything about this progression.

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Myopia can create lifestyle issues and become expensive with the constant replacement of glasses or contact lenses.   In fact, the average cost of glasses or contact lenses  over a  lifetime for a myopic person is likely to be in excess of $25,000.


Sun Exposure - An increasing volume of research suggests that time spent outdoors offers some protection against development and progression of myopia.  Myopes tend to be low in vitamin D and sunlight helps stimulate vitamin D production.  On average indoor lighting averages about 50 lux, direct sunlight 50,000 and shade is about 25,000.  It is recommended that they spend at least 2 hours per day exposed to direct sunlight. 

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Risks of High Myopia

High myopia occurs at -5.0 dioptres or above.  At this point there are often limits for future options for vision correction.  Your child has a high risk of developing the following serious eye diseases:

macular degeneration 

retinal detachment



That is reason for concern.

 Myopia Control Brisbane orthokeratolgy

Ortho K lenses are very effective at slowing the rate of myopia progression.


Myopia Control Brisbane 

Here is where Brisbane Orthokeratology Specialists can help.   Myopia control results from myopia treatment that slows the progression of myopia so as to avoid the complications associated with high myopia. 

Earl Smith III, identified peripheral light rays as a critical issue in myopia progression.   When the focal point for these peripheral light rays is behind the retina (hyperopic defocus) it triggers an elongation growth response in the eye.  

Increasing the degree of myopia (see diagram below). 

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 Customised orthokeratology lenses are used to correct hyperopic defocus.  Fitted by leading Brisbane ortho K optometrists, they elimate hyperopic defocus and slow myopia progression (see diagram to below). 

Myopia vision correction Brisbane   

In 2012, Noel Brennan published his study into the benefits of Myopia Control.  Brennan found that reducing the rate of progression in myopia patients had significant benefits in avoiding complications associated with high myopia.  In fact: 

A 33% reduction in the progression of myopia leads to a 73% decrease in the incidence of high myopia

A 50% reduction in the progression of myopia leads to a 90% decrease in the incidence of high myopia

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More good news – many other scientific studies have shown that leading orthokeratology treatment is very effective for Myopia Control.  On average, it slows myopia progression by 50%.


That means the best ortho K specialists in Brisbane can help up to

90% of patients avoid the complications of high myopia.

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Brisbane Orthokeratology Specialists would love to help you discover how to their leading Brisbane orthokeratology optometrists use orthokeratology treatment  to implement myopia control for you or your child.  If you want to know more or are looking to buy ortho K lenses in Brisbane just contact Brisbane Orthokeratology Specialists we will be happy to help.


Brisbane Ortho K Treatment Myopia Control: Avoid The Serious Complications Associated With High Myopia


Myopia Child Risk Assessment

Concerned about your child's myopia? Brisbane Orthokeratology Specialists have developed a simple Myopia Risk Assessment Test to see if you should seek further advice regarding ortho k specialist myopia treatment.  See the article on the right hand side.

Myopia Control For Peace Of Mind

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Let our leading Brisbane ortho K specialist optometrists help you understand your myopia and formulate a myopia control treatment plan.  Our expertise gives you with "Peace of Mind".

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