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Orthokeratology: Optometry's Best Kept Secret


Brisbane Orthokeratology Specialists believe that orthokeratology treatment could well be one of optometry's best kept secrets.  

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For those who find wearing glasses or contact lenses restrictive,  inconvenient, annoying or simply just don't like them then orthokeratology could be for you.  Ortho K provides clear unrestricted daytime vision without the need for daytime contact lenses or glasses.

Orthokeratology (ortho-K) may sound dramatic but it is quite simple.  “Ortho” means correction. Using customised orthokeratology lenses to reshape the front surface of the cornea.  The result is better vision without the need for prescription glasses or contact lenses.  In this case, as fitted by the leading Brisbane orthokeratology specialists..

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Orthokeratology (ortho-K) treatment  is a non-surgical, non-invasive and reversible procedure. It is the perfect alternative to LASIK eye surgery procedures.  Making it a good option for a wide range of patients, particularly children.


Recent studies provide substantial evidence that orthokeratology treatment slows the progression of myopia.  Due to this, fitting children with the orthokeratology lenses is gaining lots of attention.


In a day to day sense orthokeratology provides for a lifestyle advantage as:    

Orthokeratology (ortho-K) lenses are only worn during sleeping hours.

Creating clear and natural vision for the rest of the day.  Without the need for prescription glasses or contact lenses.

Orthokeratology is so easy you can do it with your eyes closed.

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Orthokeratology lenses enable patients to do without glasses or contact lenses throughout the day. They can go about their daily routines without the worry of glasses or contact lenses.  Patients are often able to resume or start activities they couldn't before.

Customised orthokeratology lenses are specific to each patient.  They work by creating a gentle hydraulic pressure between the cornea and lens.  There is no mechanical contact with the cornea.

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Orthokeratology is an effective treatment for:

  • myopia (near-sightedness) prescriptions ranging from -1.00 to -6.00 dioptres
  • hyperopia (far-sightedness) prescriptions ranging from +1.00 to +4.00 dioptres
  • presbyopia (the need for reading glasses)
  • astigmatism - currently correction is only for low to moderate levels of astigmatism.
  • Post-LASIK (refractive surgery) patients who still have some residual myopia or irregular treatment areas.


It is important to achieve the right fit for the comfort of the patient and to ensure the best results.  This will involve a discussion with the patient about their day-to-day activities.  Items such as occupation, hobbies and visual demands.   It is important to test the patient’s refractive status and ocular health. Both children and adults can enjoy this type of vision correction.

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Once fitted with customised orthokeratology lenses patients will get fast results.  Full correction usually occurs within two weeks.  During this period there may be slight regression towards the end of the day but it will diminish over time.

 Ensure you seek the advice from leading Brisbane orthokeratology optometrists.

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Orthokeratology for Sport and Recreation

Having trouble with vision in your sport or recreation activities?  Sick of being restricted by glasses or contact lenses?  Brisbane Orthokeratology Specialists consider ortho K treatment to be best kept secret for sports vision.

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